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As a special (vague) tie-in with this week’s caption competition, here is a heartwarming message from the 1980s…



…I mean, is it POSSIBLE to watch that without having a big silly grin on your face? …I think not!

“But who won the Grandpa’s Trout Caption Compo?” I hear you cry.
Well click below and cry no more…


Bob O’Brien VOTED FOR… # 15 (1 votes)
(This was actually… Kevin O’Leary’s caption #2.)

Con Dorgan VOTED FOR… # 12 (1 votes)
(This was actually… Bob O’Brien’s caption #1.)

Kevin O’Leary VOTED FOR… # 38 (1 votes)
(This was actually… Kaptiongod’s caption #5.)

Frank O’Shea, Rory Corbett, Pierce Nagle, Michael “TSB” Murphy, Betty Forde, Joe Fox, Bill Hennessy, Darren O’Keeffe VOTED FOR… # 29 (8 votes)
(This was actually… razor’s caption #3.)

Shay Forde VOTED FOR… # 94 (1 votes)
(This was actually… Joe Fox’s caption #3.)


3. So which is it love, Beef or Salmon?

Well duhdiddlyun, Mr. Razor!
Another win for each of the next 2 remaining weeks of the caption competition just might get you the overall top-spot yet!

2 points for entering a caption
1 point for voting
2 bonus points for voting for the winner (divided by no. of winners if more than 1)
1 bonus point to RORY CORBETT for supplying the photo (Send in your photos NOW)
5 points for the winner (divided by no. of winners if more than 1)


Joe Fox retains his evermore-tenuous lead as we move into the penultimate caption compio.

Can Messrs Corbett or Ray catch up? Who will earn a bonus point for next week’s photo?

Tune in Monday!


(Numbers in brackets are last week’s figures)

—– —————————— —–
1.(1) Joe Fox 63.50; (58.50)
2.(2) Rory Corbett 61; (55)
3.(3) razor 57.54; (50.54)
4.(5) Frank O’Shea 53; (48)
5.(4) Darren O’Keeffe 52.50; (49.50)
6.(6) Kaptiongod 46.42; (44.42)
7.(7) Kevin O’Leary 45.75; (42.75)
8.(9) Bill Hennessy 39.75; (34.75)
9.(8) Sokoccino 37.29; (35.29)
10.(10) Con Dorgan 34.54; (33.54)
11.(11) Shay Forde 32.04; (31.04)
12.(12) Bob O’Brien 29.92; (26.92)
13.(13) Betty Forde 28.29; (23.29)
14.(14) Michael “TSB” Murphy 26.96; (21.96)
15.(15) Paul O’Sullivan 18.50; (18.50)
16.(16) Pierce Nagle 12; (9)
17.(17) Eamonn Condon 6; (6)
18.(18) T. Martin Kelleher 4; (4)
19.(19) Chris Murphy 3.50; (3.50)
20.(20) Donagh O’Mahoney 3; (3)
20.(20) Tony Mullins 3; (3)
20.(20) Micheál Ó Múrchú 3; (3)
20.(20) Gilli 3; (3)
24.(24) John Goulding 2; (2)
24.(24) Philip Nolan 2; (2)
26.(26) John McSweeney 1.50; (1.50)
27.(27) houston 1; (1)
28.(28) 0; (0)
28.(28) David Casey 0; (0)


Betty Forde

1. More than a mouthfull is a waste

Bill Hennessy

1. Isaac Walton never had this in mind when he
wrote “The Compleat Angler”. OOYAY.

2. Kaptiongod has every reason to look cockey. He
is sure to win prizes for heaviest catch and best

Bob O’Brien

1. Because it wieghed and measures a little on the
small side,Ned had to put it back in!!!!

Frank O’Shea

1. Here’s the fish now ladies …who wants to see
the worm !

Joe Fox

1. grandad can no longer tell the story about the
one that got away without the children laughing

2. “why does my cock smell of fish?” grandad
wondered to himself.

3. the picture just before grandad got a blowjob
from a trout


1. It’s a whopper!

2. Penis thinks… “I remember that smell!”

3. FLY FISHING by J.R.Hartley

4. To this day Pffizer denies polluting the river
at Ringaskiddy.

5. Next granddad told me to take hold of it and
whip it til it stops throbbing… so that’s when I

Kevin O’Leary

1. Fishing tackle american style

2. By the smile on his face I reckon that’s the
closest his knob has been to something smelling of
fish in a long long time

Michael “TSB” Murphy

1. That fish sure has a purdy mouth!


1. I’m afraid to even think what he might have
used as bait?

2. Grandma’s got all the options tonight….a meat
dish or the veggie option!

3. So which is it love, Beef or Salmon?

Rory Corbett

1. Grandpa knew that the secret to great lake
fishing was to cast your tackle freely to the wind
and ensure it doesnt get tangled up with your

2. Young Kevin loved to go fishing with his
Granpa, especially when he got to hold “The

3. Grandpa: “Wow!..Look at this specimen..its a
beauty!..Now watch me fuck the shit out of this


1. You shoulda seen the one that got away!!!…

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