[Captions] 16. Grandpa’s Trout

A day to be proud of. But what did our captioneers think of it?

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Photo of ageing gentleman, proudly holding up a large fish, whilst his penis protrudes from his shorts removed. Frankly this photo has been getting too much attention around here. I didn’t take the photo and I’d rather this place wasn’t known as “the site with the old man’s penis on it”.

Go find it elsewhere if that’s what you need to see. It is funny, but I think there are better/ funnier things to discover on this site.

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4. “why does my cock smell of fish?” grandad wondered to himself.

8. Kaptiongod has every reason to look cockey. He is sure to win prizes for heaviest catch and best tackle.

12. Because it wieghed and measures a little on the small side,Ned had to put it back in!!!!

15. By the smile on his face I reckon that’s the closest his knob has been to something smelling of fish in a long long time

21. It’s a whopper!

22. Here’s the fish now ladies …who wants to see the worm !

24. FLY FISHING by J.R.Hartley

25. Fishing tackle american style

26. You shoulda seen the one that got away!!!…

28. Isaac Walton never had this in mind when he wrote “The Compleat Angler”. OOYAY.

29. So which is it love, Beef or Salmon?

38. Next granddad told me to take hold of it and whip it til it stops throbbing… so that’s when I jumped.

40. Grandma’s got all the options tonight….a meat dish or the veggie option!

43. Young Kevin loved to go fishing with his Granpa, especially when he got to hold “The Congar”.

44. Grandpa: “Wow!..Look at this specimen..its a beauty!..Now watch me fuck the shit out of this fish!”

45. That fish sure has a purdy mouth!

47. Grandpa knew that the secret to great lake fishing was to cast your tackle freely to the wind and ensure it doesnt get tangled up with your flies.

58. I’m afraid to even think what he might have used as bait?

68. Penis thinks… “I remember that smell!”

80. More than a mouthfull is a waste

87. To this day Pffizer denies polluting the river at Ringaskiddy.

94. the picture just before grandad got a blowjob from a trout

95. grandad can no longer tell the story about the one that got away without the children laughing


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