Caption League Rules

There hasn’t been a Caption Competition League since 2007. No immediate plans to do another one, but you never know…

* * * * *

Every Monday (or hopefully sometime on the Saturday/Sunday before) a new photo is added to this site.

Leave an appropriate (or inappropriate) caption in the comments box.

Please indicate (using words) if you’d like an email reminder on future Monday/Thursday/Fridays of caption-updates.

Check back Thursday after noon (GMT) to see all submitted captions. There are no names to the captions at this stage.

Vote for your favourite caption by leaving a comment. This comment will not be seen on the site at this stage.

Check back on Friday after noon (GMT) to see if you won, or voted for a winner, or if your caption(s) got any votes, etc.

Points are awarded each time you participate (although you’re awarded points just once for entering a caption no matter how many captions you enter).

Make your way up the Leaderboard -to the TOP!


At the end of it all… the winner wins… wait for it!…!!!…




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