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Simply Happy Ringtone!

I know what you’re thinking -“How could I possibly afford a Simply Happy Ringtone!?”

But fret not, because not only is this ringtone very cheap, it is in fact FREE!

You’ve watched the video, below, and sung along on the second listen and you found you couldn’t get the tune out of your head.

Now, take this mp3 ringtone (rightclick/Save-As) and do the same to your friends and enemies. Go forth and infest them with the upbeat positivity of your incoming phonecalls!

(Above ringtone contains the first Simply Happy chorus, followed by the more frenetic final chorus if you haven’t answered by then. If you’d prefer just the final chorus you can download it here.)

Spread the Happiness -Prepare to be hated!

Simply Happy!

I’ve talked of Happiness here and here. One of the reasons is because I’ve been writing some lyrics for songs with my friend John Poland and we recently entered a song -called SIMPLY HAPPY- for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

You might recall I previously mentioned our adventures in making the video, well now you can experience some of the mayhem of that day for yourself. Spare a thought for poor Mrs. Rumm operating the bubble machine with her sore back (slowly getting better thanksforasking) in the midst of all this chaos.

We hope you enjoy and experience a little bit of happiness for these three minutes.

SIMPLY HAPPY by John Poland & Stanley Rumm

NOTE: You need to click the ‘UP ARROW’ type thingy on the bottom right of the video and select “HQ” to view it in high quality. The standard view is unwatchable.

Feel free to comment here, but it would be appreciated if you could click the video and rate & respond in youtube itself.

The Hole Tooth

Fluffy clouds and fuzzy bunnies joined me in song and merriment as I led the parade through thronged ticker-taped streets, when all at once I was violently awakened by little satnav shouting “Daddy wake up! Today is the day you’re getting your tooth out!”

I had forgotten about it. Young Lucy’s feminine senses in date-management have thankfully (or not as the case may be) kicked into full swing. Last Wednesday she told me “this time next week you’ll be having your tooth out.” I had forgotten then too.

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