A day spent not learning anything new is a day wasted. With that in mind here’s what I learnt today:

When browsing through drawers in the kitchen, if you come across an open packet of sweets or chocolate make sure you keep the drawer open as you examine further, otherwise you might forget which drawer they came from.

…I’m not saying it was me, but luckily I was able to quickly spin it… “Well if you managed to forget which drawer you left your Maltesers in, obviously you don’t have a clear recollection of how many of them you ate!”

HA! GAME SET AND MATCH! TAKE THAT FOUR YEAR OLD! You need to be sharper on your toes than that when you start school tomorrow!

Incidentally, apropos of nothing in particular, did you know Maltesers float in tea? Pop four or five of them in your cup and spoon them out individually for chocolaty goodness. While the drawer is open.

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