[Captions] 12. Relax CAPTIONS

The captions are in and it’s time to vote!


Read on to pick your favourite…

2. Bum about to be fucked in San Francisco..no change there than.

10. “Control We have a code 7-11, repeat a code 7-11….shop is out of doughnuts, I repeat..shop is out of doughnuts..all units respond…”

14. Robinsoe Crusoe tries to re-adjust to city life

21. The Perils of SleepWalking

24. man arrested for wearing white socks in public- crimes against fashion will not be accepted in san francisco

25. Bad hair day

28. SFPD San Francisco Piss Department

31. Tony Bennetts little known classic “I left my arse in San Francisco”

34. Pollice still have no clues as to the identity of the Frisco Slasher.

38. This man is my hero.

39. Forrest Gump chooses the worst possible place to take a toilet break on his run across America…

40. Stanley Rumm takes it badly as Ooyay book sales begin to slump.

41. It took Dr. McCoy a few seconds to realise that Scotty was playing silly buggers on him with the teleport machine again.

42. Hey copper , do you like jewellery ? …… Well have a look at my cock its a gem !

52. Donie Grady c. 2009 after the Sunday Game / Marty Morrissey sex scandal my my how fortunes changed !

55. well there’s taking the piss and there’s taken the piss

56. “Officer, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t pee in my pants”

58. It’s ok -this is San Francisco. The guy is probably _employed_ by the cops as a water feature.

62. Jack Forde’s has really gone downhill since the Pissing Ban was enforced .

65. S.F.P.D : San Francisco Pisshead Dept

67. After a hard week’s work there’s nothing Officer Maloney likes more than to kick off his uniform and unwind for the weekend.

72. “When Good Cops Go Bad 4” featuring Officer Dino Moynihan.

77. San francisco’s new nude car wash not such a big success

82. You have to be over this height to go on this ride.

83. When Robo-Cop said he pissed his way through the Garda exams , nobody knew he meants it litteraly

85. Rebel Without A Pants

88. Crystal Meths is so liberating.

89. Did you Know that SFPD cars don’t have Hubcaps

90. Well its alright when the cherubs do it.

91. Kaptiongod has really let himself go these days


Leave a comment below with the number of your favourite caption. Check back after noon(ish) Friday 21st of June to see who/ which caption won and if you voted for the winner (thus earning league points).

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  1. 24. man arrested for wearing white socks in public- crimes against fashion will not be accepted in san francisco

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