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The captions are in for this photo. Take a look. See which is your favourite. Vote!


Winner announced noon Friday GMT (26th April 2007). Check back after that to see if you won or voted for a winner, etc..

14. Always wondered what happened to Desi Beo after he left the AG.

21. “I only asked for a short back and sides!”

24. Lord Lucan found alive and well and living in west cork

28. I just want to be loved.

34. “Have you seen my ring?”

38. This guy has more rings than Ross from friends

40. “At least now nobody will comment anymore on me being ginger, heh heh heh.”

55. Johnny doesn’t do much foreign travel , he has a thing about metal dectectors

56. can’t see him flying and passing thru any american airports sometime soon……. ”Excuse me sir,take two steps back and remove any jewellry”

58. He’s what you call a communications leader – more rings than Vodafone!

62. If you need a clown give me a ring.

65. ‘Jazus…will ya look at the state of the chap taking this picture of me…fucking freak….’

67. “Daddy I’d like you to meet my new boyfriend…”

77. “I got a new denim jacket…but I’m not sure if it’s quite me!!!!!”What do you think…should I return it??

82. “Curse this weather. I always come out in terrible prickly-heat!”

83. jaysus they’d leave anybody into the Mon these days

85. “The Love Child of Shelia Joyce and Bernie Murphy.”

88. “So you think you’re Knocknaheeny’s next Supermodel ? ”

89. Is that you Pierce?

91. somepeople just put a notch on the bed

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  1. Remember: Even if you haven’t entered a caption, you can still vote for your favourite -or for whichever one you think might win!

  2. poor selection this week

    are u supplying all the photos Kev or are you seeking donations?

  3. I vote for 40. “At least now nobody will comment anymore on me being ginger, heh heh heh.”

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