[Caption Compo] 3. Say Sheeese

Another Monday, another Caption Competition.

This week’s photo is (as usual) SAFE FOR WORK and might give you some fashion ideas.

So what’s going on here then? YOU DECIDE..


“Have you seen my ring?”


Got a better caption? Get it in to this office by Thursday, noon GMT.
All captions will then be displayed (anonymously) for you to vote for your favourite.

Points awarded for entering a caption, for voting, for voting for a winner, for winning, for supplying a photo that is later used.


14 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 3. Say Sheeese”

  1. Ring boy thinks :: ‘Jazus…will ya look at the state of the chap taking this picture of me…fucking freak….’


  2. “I got a new denim jacket…but I’m not sure if it’s quite me!!!!!”What do you think…should I return it??

  3. can’t see him flying and passing thru any american airports sometime soon…….”Excuse me sir,take two steps back and remove any jewellry”

  4. 1) Johnny doesn’t do much foreign travel , he has a thing about metal dectectors

    2) somepeople just put a notch on the bed

    3) jaysus they’d leave anybody into the Mon these days

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