[Caption Compo] 2. Ladies in Waiting

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This week’s picture shows four “ladies” sitting down to some light refreshments.
Thankfully I don’t know who these people are, but (for the sake of clarity) I will call them (left to right)… Jude, Charles, Boris and Henk.
You can use these names or ignore them as you see fit.

What are they doing here? What’s the occasion? Who are they waiting for? Who’s saying what? What happens next?



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  2. =============================================================================
    :: An episode of ‘Nasty Tranny’ ::

    Borris: “Charles dear, does this dress make my ass look big?”

    Charles: “No Borris petal, it’s all fucking tea cakes you eat that make your fucking arse look big!”

    Henk: “Hey Jude…ya Borris I know’s it a fucking song, you say that every fucking time..so for fucking once please shut the fuck up ya freak….anyway Jude as I was saying..you’re a fucking pig ugle bitch…

    Jude: “Know what Henk?……I am a going to kick the shite out of ya, ya fucking smalled titted fairy!! And speaking of small tits Henky girl..you should rub toilet paper between them every night to make them bigger…cause it obviously worked on your arse…fuck head!!!

    THE END…..

  3. The PD parlimentary party meeting new dress code is announced in order to attract the pink vote for the summer election

  4. 1) Alice got a bit of a surprise when she arrived for her tea party

    2) Theses four lucky virginia tech students decided not to go to school today

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