Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

Especially now in this time of doom & gloom I do find myself questioning almost every purchase, even though in real terms, my own (already paltry) finances haven’t really changed in the last while.

Then today I discovered that there’s an “ABSOLUTE” version of the great graphic novel, Watchmen (yes, I now know it has been around for a while and you’re so much better than me for knowing it, happy?). This is a hardback ‘kingsize’ fancy release of the book, together with extras such as notes between the writer and artist as well as “lots lots more” -see!

Now look at that price. £56.49 (at time of writing). What makes it even worse is that you can only purchase in euros from play.com if it’s not going to the UK and the euro price for this is 73.49euros (at time of writing -remember sterling is almost 1:1 with the euro)… and I already own the book itself.

So I gritted my teeth and resolved not to bend.

Then I had a bit of a root around the web and found it here for a lot less.
Well what could I do I ask you!?
My existing copy was bought in Boston circa 1990 and is positively mangey looking nowadays. These Absolute sets won’t be around forever you know! My wasn’t this a bargain and a half!?

Yes I bought it. Yes I feel bad. No I won’t be telling Mrs. Rumm just yet. Such purchases need to be announced gently -even if it does only come to 46euros including postage. The book itself is over a foot in height and no amount of explaining will sufficiently explain its presence in our house in this time directly after Christmas after we have both agreed to curtail.

To make matters worse, I’ve now discovered there also exists Absolute versions of the complete Sandman in four volumes, each costing around 60euros!
Well I’m sure you can all appreciate the predicament. I haven’t caved just yet you’ll be relieved to hear.

(Incidentally, getting away from the point, Watchmen The Movie is coming out soon -in March this year if the legal proceedings can be sorted in time (basically the rights were bought by Fox studio years ago, but kinda half-lapsed, many scripts and directors were tossed about in the past 15 years or so, but nothing came of it. Then a couple of years ago Fox passed on another script that Warners picked up and got some rights to film it, but Fox then came back after they saw the buzz and sued Warners. It’s due to be ruled upon any day now.)

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