Celebration of Ignorance

I quite like the African tea I’m getting in Tesco for the past year or so. They don’t seem to have it anywhere else (but they used to). “Taste of Africa” I think it’s called. I don’t know if they have it near you, but I recommend you try it if they do.

I get a consistent high-quality pot of tea with it every time, but Mrs. Kaptiongod seems unable to do so. Her’s (bags from the same box) tastes like boiled socks -and no I don’t know what boiled socks tastes like, but I do after tasting her tea.

I’ve tried demonstrating/ teaching her how to get a great cup of tea, but she makes fun of what I say and do, laughing when I tell her to spread the bags flat or how much water to pour or not to stir but to leave it draw. Then she goes back to boiling socks and complains about the tea bags and practically begs me to make her a nice cup of tea.

I’m used to what I describe as this Celebration of Ignorance. It happens everywhere.

Knowledge & expertise is both shunned and derided in many spheres where a person is not being financially rewarded for doing something right. Making tea is so unimportant it no longer matters if you make a good cup or a bad one. Just make it and drink it.
Even to suggest otherwise is a joke -and yes I am laughing too even though it annoys me to death!

Try explaining why a particularly bad movie is in fact particularly bad and all’s you’ll get in return is a snigger and a shrug and be told not to take it too seriously. “Leave your brain outside”, “It’s only a movie!”

So, if it’s impossible to enjoy a particular movie whilst engaging one’s brain, surely every single positve review of it can only be brainless. ? /shrug and move on “it’s only a movie.”

I weep.  🙁

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