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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

Especially now in this time of doom & gloom I do find myself questioning almost every purchase, even though in real terms, my own (already paltry) finances haven’t really changed in the last while.

Then today I discovered that there’s an “ABSOLUTE” version of the great graphic novel, Watchmen (yes, I now know it has been around for a while and you’re so much better than me for knowing it, happy?). This is a hardback ‘kingsize’ fancy release of the book, together with extras such as notes between the writer and artist as well as “lots lots more” -see!

Now look at that price. £56.49 (at time of writing). What makes it even worse is that you can only purchase in euros from if it’s not going to the UK and the euro price for this is 73.49euros (at time of writing -remember sterling is almost 1:1 with the euro)… and I already own the book itself.

So I gritted my teeth and resolved not to bend.
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Appliance is a fridge

Following a recent law here in Ireland, selling of alcohol was (slightly) restricted.
For many weeks/ months after, all around a certain supermarket there was a long, boring notice that ended with the words “This is in appliance with recent government regulations.”
I didn’t say anything the first time I was in. I’m not that pedantic, honestly, but a couple of weeks later I was in there again and the signs were still up all over the shop. I stood there in front of one sign, looking confused (I’ve been perfecting that look for a while now), when I saw a manager type guy approaching. He seemed concerned and asked if he could help me.
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GIANT Space Hopper? I don’t think so!

I found myself passing through Debenhams last week and came across an item that piqued my interest… an 80cm Giant Space Hopper!

“33% BIGGER” I was assured.

So naturally, as one does, I bought it, took it home and eagerly pumped it up. Alas, my enthusiasm was short-lived when I discovered it to be something less than “giant”. A measuring tape confirmed my suspicion… 55cm!