11 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 9. Mowman”

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  2. Buttons, boobies, blue doggies… maybe if I cut the grass it’ll take my mind off things. Focus on starting the lawnmover: where’s its booby?… Aaah bollox!

  3. 1) i think this guy has been doing more than mowing the grass

    2) new gardening saftey regulations have gone beyond a joke

    3) daft daves new adventure

  4. (1) Bradley kills the time until the Kampus Kitchen Don season opens again

    (2)Mow-Town Legend Super Tramp is a Lawn unto himself

    (3) Fred regrets the day he ever asked his wife for a Ride-on.

  5. Kevin loans the neighbour the necessary items to mow his lawn – sox, cape & lawnmower!

  6. 1. Since Kevin ruined the poker nights, Philips life had become oh so dull.

    2. You’d think he’d have a ride on with a shed that big.

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