Can rats help clear Africa’s landmines?

I was pointed to an article on the BBC website a while ago that has the headline Can rats help clear Africa’s landmines?

As I clicked the link I imagined the idea was to set rats loose in a minefield so they blow up all the mines.

“Excellent idea!” thought I, immediately ironing out the specifics as I began to read… maybe they’d need to be weighed down so they’ll be more certain to trigger the explosion.  …Or, how would they ensure the remaining rats don’t infest the area? …Poison?

But I soon discovered the idea was something else entirely: Hero Rats, trained to detect the location of the mines so they can be dug up and defused. Not a bad notion I suppose, but I ask you, is my two-birds/one-stone “Evil” solution so wrong?

More rat encounters here.

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