What’s that you say? You’ve been looking for a film site that actually discusses plots and characters and motives and reasons behind certain events and behind-the-scenes type stuff and debates opinions on movies in a mature & lighthearted way, without invoking Godard and Bunuel and DW Griffith, etc. too often (if at all)?

Well then I’m sure you’ve already come across, but if not here it is with my blessing and recommendation.

Podcasts ahoy. Jett Loe and Gareth Higgins are very listen-to-able. They don’t always get it right in my opinion (for instance they both seem to like Slumdog Millionaire, although I’m fairly sure at least one of them will come to his senses after the dizzying effects of the whilwind editing wears off), but in their favour they both know Ron Howard makes bland crowd-pleasing, childish movies at best -and is best ignored if at all possible.

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