Poker Rankings

My brother-in-law was sitting in the kitchen a while ago when he noticed a deck of cards on the table. He picked them up and the first five cards he turned over made a full-house. Happy with himself he laughed then asked what beats a full-house.

My daughter (8) piped up: “A royal flush!”

We both laughed at her knowledge, but she wasn’t finished.

“Four of a kind…”

“A straight flush.”

Just when we thought she was done she added

“…and if you’re playing with jokers you could have five of a kind.”

Confession: I didn’t teach her the rules, but I did discover she had dug out this poker-hands table a few days ago that I made up some time ago (mainly because I can never remember the answer to questions like “what beats a full-house?”

Obviously, these are the chip-denominations I use. If you’d like to use it feel free to cut that section out or re-number as you see fit. Whatever.

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