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Daddy Daddy

My 3 year old son was calling me earlier. “Daddy! Daddy!” he shouted.
I walked into the room and asked him if my name was daddy. He said yes.
“So you’re saying Daddy is my name?”
“Yes” he nodded.
“But what’s my name?” I demanded.
“You’re my daddy, so you’re daddy,” he reasoned.
“But is daddy my name?”
“Yes” he said.
“So when I was a little boy like you my mother called me daddy?” I asked.
“No,” he admitted.
“So what did she call me?”
He thought about it for two seconds before saying… “Son!”

The Balloon Man

I was stopped in a late-morning traffic jam on a dreary midweek trek to college in my twelve-year-old 1979 Fiesta when I chanced upon a curious sight: A grown man, probably around the forty-mark, hanging balloons on the pillars outside his house. He had already taped or tied three onto one pillar and had begun work on another set of three balloons on the second. I was dismayed. When I witnessed him taping up an A4 sheet with the words “PARTY ON HERE” I was totally perplexed. “He must be the saddest man in the world,” I thought to myself as I shook my head with a sympathetic guffaw and edged another three feet toward my destination. “How could a grown man spend time hanging balloons for his child’s birthday (and be seen to be doing so, without shame, on a busy road)?” It was beyond me.

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