[Captions] 14. Riding

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10. Quote from Martin King (TV3 Weatherman)….”Now
lets take a look at some of your photos…here one
from Kevin Forde in Cork taken near Farran
Woods….Judging by the reading on the cock
shrivvelometer and the erect nipple guage I would
say it is about 4 Degrees C there…..nice fake
beard there Kevin by the way…”

14. ”are we there yet…..how many piles to go??”

21. New Orgasmo 3000 -RIDE A MILE WITH A SMILE!

24. Ras Tailteann’s latest and most desperate effort to win support in the post Kelly/Roche era looks doomed to failure.

28. These people must be really really healthy… after climbing that big hill most of them have no pants.

34. looks like they are keeping to the 2-a-breast rule.

38. ‘A Pile A Mile’….sponsered by Gilette Shaving Foam…..

39. Axel Rose starts new “Buns n’ Hoses” tour.

40. “Oh I think I broke my helmet!”

41. Quiz: How many helmets can you count in this picture?

52. “Ladies your veering off course…I said follow the cats eyes not the Japs eye….”

55. how’s the craic

58. It was a mystery how the ladies always seemed to win the Tour de Flange.

62. Would you ever throw those dirty magazines I gave you away, Kevin. Does Liz know you still have them?

65. Nice Helmet !!

67. “And if you misbehave we’ll put the saddles back on!”

72. North Mon free book scheme candidates arrive for means test

77. First to cum on the cobblestones buys the drinks.

82. The Green Party arrive for their first day in government.

83. In a rush out to buy a copy of Kaptiongods book the Forde family forget a few essentials

85. Saddle Sniffer Heaven

88. Jesus lads this Fair Hill is a killer, whats the smell?

89. some tits on Stephen Roche …that’ll be all that cheese .

91. green party celebrates with a ride in the country

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