9 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 5. The Green Scene”

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    Check back after that (and before noon on Friday) to see all the captions for this photo.
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    Winning caption (and who voted for what) announced Friday.

    Points awarded at each stage if you participate. All welcome!


  2. 1) Kaptiongod finally gets betty to fullfil his slimey fettish

    2) hello boys … and girls

    3) who’s looking for toad in the hole

  3. Is it just me or are we all a bit fed up with getting graphic details of Kaptiongod’s sex life

  4. Smurfette may have won Gold but after years of taking anabolic steroids, the consequences were dire!


    (3)Scanny didnt know what to make of the inflatable sex doll he purchased in Lidl.He was determined to give it a go though…!

  6. Caption 1 : Jaysus, Froggy hasn’t half let himself go.
    Caption 2 : Nice Telly

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