16 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 11. D-reams”

  1. Screw the caption, any techie advice on how to cut out that kid and superimposs my photo in there instead!

  2. When I was that age I used to say “up the ucks” about what may now be termed “sloppy seconds” on a mars bar or a bag of taytos. Once again I ask why was I born in the 1970s Ireland!!!

  3. Stanley Rumm book signing in Easons gets off to a good start. Ooyay! (cue song “Yellow”)

  4. Stare at the picture for 60 seconds. Can you make out a kid between these two lovely ladies? That is what we call an optical illusion. (Warning: If you think one of the ladies is staring at you then you may require medical advice)

  5. (1) Harry Ramsden’s new double fish and clit supper was proving to be a popular promotion.

    (2)Exclusive: World breast feeding champion for Neptune stadium exhibition match.

    (3) Its amazing how your mind hypes up the “good old days”. Example no.1 A trip to Mandys to celebrate my 12th Birthday.

  6. Alistair’s mum told him to never refuse if any woman ever offered him buns…..!!

  7. (4) By the way, joking aside, for anyone that hasn’t already done so, I would
    REALLY appreciate if you could get in to Easons on Patricks Street, Cork
    this weekend and purchase an *AUTHOR-SIGNED* copy of my book “OOYAY by
    You’ll find it in the Cork section (at the moment).

    Your 11.95euros will get you an excellent & unique work of fiction, as well
    as helping me find wholesale-support for national coverage. (It’s actually
    selling well, but any support ASAP much appreciated.)

  8. 1) god bless him , if only he knew what to do.

    2) who knew that the umpla women would be a great attraction in the chocalte factory

    3) thats a nice pair of tits you’ve got there

    4) no i not here with anyone , lets go

  9. When Little Johnny asked for puppies for his birthday, the last thing he expected was……

    The new merger between TGI Fridays and Hooters kept all the kids happy.

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