[Captions] 17. Inspection

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14. Charles always liked to medal with the new recruits

21. Oh darling yours look especially nice!

24. Nice Gong. Does one need permission to palpate ?.

28. How’s about me , you ,those puppies & Diana have a royal threesome ? Bugger one does believe she’s quite dead!

34. Madonna and Guy Ritchie thought the phonecall was being spoken in code when they were told to show up at the yard if they want to “meet Charlie”

38. The heir to the throne admires a pair that are blown

40. One of Charles great pleasures in life was to inspect his privates. He found the best way to do this was to make them stand erect while thinking of the Queen.

41. “One does like to see a filly titter.”

52. “Yes my dear, My twin passions are Homeopathy and Infidelity…let me demonstrate…”

55. Looks like Charlie boy has been listening to his fathers etiquette advice again

56. this is not a caption ..but do ya think she started it..by grabbing his cock!!!!!!

58. “One’s mammaries are somewhat sagging.”

65. What monstrous carbunkles you have my dear! I hereby award you the OBE! (Order of Breast Excellence).

67. Your breasts must be lower than this height to go on this ride.

77. One imagines one can make one’s tits wobble without even touching them……

82. One would like to pin a medal on your chest every day!

83. Mummy lets me touch them all the time I don’t see what your problem is

85. looks like that girl is going to get a kick from a horse soon

88. Charlies blind search for a woman saw him get a bit luckier than the last time out.

89. You’re a fine thing, i’d feek your chats anyday of the week.

91. You should have seen the size of the fish my old school chum caught last week – well buggar me

62. Charles talks to Private Allota Fagina about

> “So this is how the bally conversation between
Camilla and oneself

> Charles:…. he was a bit anxious actually.

> Camilla: Was he?

> Charles: He thought he might have gone a bit

> Camilla: Ah well.

> Charles: Anyway you know, that’s the sort of
thing one has to beware of.

> And Sort of feel one’s way along with, if you
know what I mean.

> Camilla: Mm. You’re awfully good at feeling your
way along.

> Charles: Oh stop! I want to feel my way along
you, all over you and up and down you and in and

> Camilla: Oh.

> Charles: … particularly in and out.

> Camilla: Oh, that’s just what I need at the

> Charles: Is it?

> Camilla: I know it would revive me. I can’t bear
a Sunday night without you.

> Charles: Oh god.

> Camilla: It’s like that programme “Start The
Week”, I can’t stand the week without you.

> Charles: I fill up your tank!

> Camilla: Yes you do!

> Charles: Then you can cope.

> Camilla: Then I’m all right.

> Charles: What about me? The trouble is I need
you several times a week.

> Camilla: Mmm. So do I.I need you all the week.
All the time.

> Charles: Oh, god. I’ll just live inside your
trousers or something. It would be much easier!

> Camilla: (laughs) What are you going to turn
into, a pair of knickers?

> (both laugh). Oh, you’re going to come back as a
pair of knickers.

> Charles: Or, God forbid, a Tampax. Just my luck!

> Camilla: You are a complete idiot! (laughs). Oh
what a wonderful idea!

> Charles: My luck to be chucked down a lavatory
and go on and on forever swirling round on the
top, never going down!

> Camilla: (laughing) Oh darling!

> Charles: Until the next one comes through.

> Camilla: Oh, perhaps you could just come back as
a box.

> Charles: What sort of box?

> Camilla: A box of Tampax so you could just keep

> Charles: That’s true.

> Camilla: Repeating yourself. (laughing) Oh,
darling. Oh I just want you now.

> Charles: Do you?

> Camilla: Mmm.

> Charles: So do I.

> Camilla: Desperately, desperately. I thought of
you so much at Yaraby.

> Charles: Did you.?

> Camilla: Bye. Press the button

> Charles: Going to press the tit

> Camilla: All right darling, I wish you were
pressing mine.

> Charles: God, I wish I was. Harder and harder.

> Camilla: Oh darling.

> Charles: Night.

> Camilla: Night.

> Charles: Love you.

> Camilla: (yawning) Love you. Press the tit.

> Charles: Adore you. Night.

> Camilla: Night.

> Charles: Night.

> Camilla: (blows a kiss).

> Charles: Night.

> Camilla: G’night my darling I love you. ”


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