Which cup is you?

I’ve been thinking of cups. Well someone has to.

For the purpose of this discussion (and I hope you jump in) I will keep it down to just two types of cup: Those that are attractive to The Male and to The Female.

My first example is the shape most commonly found in every house that I’ve been to…


This is what I call the V-shape cup. Small at the end, wide at the top. My problem with this cup is (and always has been) I believe it to be inefficient in heat-retention. Most of the liquid is stored in the wide upper-section, allowing the heat to escape more quickly.


I’ve been looking for some time for a nice looking cup with a fat bottom and smaller top, so (according to my theory) it should hold heat longer.
Now I have found it:

So why do I call them “attractive to The Male and to The Female”?

I’ve run some tests -just briefly, in passing you understand. Nothing too scientific or anything. Without fail (to date), all women I’ve asked have expressed a preference to Type A above (shapewise I’m talking here, rather than anything else).
Also, without fail (to date), all men I’ve asked have immediately oohed and aahed at Type B.

Perhaps the photo doesn’t do it justice, but B above is a little bigger than the other (look at the amount of space both take up on the mat).

I’m now wondering, if maybe it’s something more than just a cold engineering appreciation, but perhaps it’s something more innate? Maybe it has something to do with bosoms? Maybe some people (often men) are naturally attracted this “bosom shape”?


What do you think? If you have nothing else to say, I’d appreciate if you could comment with your sex and A/B preference please.?


After responding, please forward this link (rightclick, copy link) to your friends so we can compile enough scientific data to send to the prime minister of New Brutsvnik. He’s always interested to hear about cups. You will be doing a service to humanity.

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