THING -I hung my monitor

I was in PCWorld today and found a bracket that would allow me hang a monitor on my wall. 30euros. I would’ve been happy to pay 20, but I somehow managed to grit a smile as I handed over the full whack.

Anyway, to make a short story only slightly shorter, I came home and eagerly dug out my trusty toolbox, drill and meter-level.
Because the full bracket was in two parts and would be entirely behind the monitor, I had to take some measurements on the height of the bracket in relation to the height of the monitor itself.
Carefully I measured from the top of the monitor to the top of where the bracket was going. Then I measured the same distance on the wall and made two small markings (I used a felt-tip as I couldn’t find my pencil) and proceeded to drill. …Yes I used the level-meter to keep it straight!

Monitor placed! A perfect job well done! Not a bother!

…Except it was too high. Just by an inch or so.
I removed the screws & rawl plugs, placed the bracket lower, re-set the monitor and sat down to examine.

…It was still too high!
So again I took out the screws & rawl plugs (now quite worn) and placed it lower.

“That’s it” I thought. The monitor was sturdy enough, so I put away the tools & hoovered up.
Wiping the sweat from my brow, I finally sat down to find… it was still that little bit too high. Grrr.

Instead of enduring a lifetime of neck-strain, I took back out the drill and toolbox and immediately set to work once more.

This time however, one of the screws (not to mention the screwdriver head) was just about worn-through by the time I successfully removed it from the wall. Also, both rawl plugs left craters the size of West Cork potholes.

So, now down to one (somewhat-)useable screw, I felt I was in need of some good news. Thankfully, it was just past 6pm and the tide began to turn… I discovered that my initial ‘lower’ screw was actually the ideal height for where the top-hole should be -so no need to re-drill there! Yippee!

I salvaged another suitable screw from the toolbox (no doubt left over from some other successful economic installation of mine!) and screwed that into the wall. This time I had to use one of my own rawl-plugs -not a bother -I had some in stock that fitted this smaller screw.

I’ve now typed this note whilst looking-at the hung monitor. It looks… not bad. I think it might be a little too low though. Also, it’s a bit looser than it had been due to the worn-screw (and my own smaller screw), but as long as I can keep baby Jack from climbing on it, it should hold the weight for a few months at least.


* * UPDATE 28th of March 2007 * *



Here’s the picture of my monitor hanging on the wall…
monitor on the wall
As you can see -I run a tight ship!

Yes that is a little ‘dust’ still on my desk from the building work -I was so pleased with myself after hoovering up after my initial installation that I didn’t have the heart to suck it up for the 2nd time… one day… ONE DAY DAMN YOU!!!



And here’s a photo of the wall behind the monitor…
holey wall!


Now tell me you don’t believe it!

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