[Theory] To Ply or Not To Ply

…That is the question!

Have you noticed how 2-ply toilet paper these days seems to be pretending it is 3-ply?

I’ve tried a few (but not a lot), and each brand seems to do the same. It is virtually impossible to begin unravelling just two plies (is that the correct plural?).
Instead, one ply is slightly longer and stuck to the end of the double-ply at the ‘beginning point’.

Therefore, one always begins by unravelling three plies instead of two.



If this goes unchecked by the unraveller, you end up going through toilet paper 50% quicker than you should!
..by my (not-always-accurate) calculations at least.

You know you’re unravelling wrongly if you hear a ‘tearing’ type noise as you unravel or if you detect a little ‘tug’, denoting that you are actually separating the third-ply from the second-ply on what should be on the following rotation.

If you haven’t noticed this, I urge you to go check your toilet paper post-haste and count the plies (some have more than 2 anyway I think -I’m only talking 2-ply tissue for now).

If you find a problem and fix it, send me a tenner -you’ll have your money back within a few months in saved toiletry expenses. After that you’ll be rolling in it!

Your watchful friend,

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