[Caption Compo] 7. Car Trouble


Can you put a caption to this photo?

If.so,.we’d like to hear from you.


Read on for the Warmer Caption…


Remember the good ole days when joyriders couldn’t afford to rob a car with an engine?


Get your captions in NOW, then check back to this site after noon on Thursday 31st of May 2007.

16 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 7. Car Trouble”

  1. Missing from O’Malley Park…..one reliable second hand car…last seen outside the Limerick Racetrack!!

  2. 1) knackers make a speedy getaway from latest robbery

    2) knocknaheeny residents chip in to buy a community car

  3. (1) 2 little boys get excited entering a weather beaten middle aged Forde from the rear.

    (2) “I dunno about this motor Mick, somethings telling me this 05 is clocked”

    (3) The citizens of Athens wake up to a post Liverpool FC morning.

  4. Times were tough that year on Walton Mountain – me and Jim Bob had to push the car all the way to New York to get our fix of prostitutes and cocaine.

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