[Caption Compo] 4. Tutus on Parade

Four strapping lads await your captions!

Stick your caption in the comment box. Then check back to this site Thursday to view & vote.

Warmer Caption

The Bolshoi has gone downhill since the collapse of the Soviet Union.



2 points for entering a caption. You can enter a few captions if you got some, but you still only get 2 points.


7 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 4. Tutus on Parade”

  1. 1) remeber lads dont eat the yellow snow

    2) this snap by an under cover agents disproves the myth that “Men are Men” in russia

    3) amazing what you will do after enough Vodka

  2. Not exactly what Roy Keane had in mind when mentioning that he needed to beef up his back 4 while maintaining some flair.

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