9 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 13. Cooking”

  1. (1) ‘Faecopheliac Transvestites R Us ‘ introduce new kitchen range.

    (2) “The things I do for Kevin” Thought Liz…..”He sure does love his kinky sex games…a gallon of runny diarrhoea…check… 4 pints of chunky gawk…check….now where did I put that bucket of spunk?…Ooyay!!”

  2. I know it doesn’t matter to some fellas but I’m saying nothing til I can see the face.

    Just take it off love and throw it in the washing machine, hold on to the chocolate sauce.

  3. when told her husbands favourite movie was willy wonka and the chocolate factory……Gobnait decided to make matters into her own hands……..

  4. 1) no you cant cum in my face

    2) when kaptiongod suggested introducing some food into their sex life , betty went a bit over the top

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