[Caption Compo] 1. Start At the Bottom


Hello all, I am KAPTIONGOD!

THIS IS A TRIAL CAPTION-RUN to see if we can handle a weekly caption competition from here.

The procedure is…

-A new picture is posted on this (Theories and Things) site on or before Monday of each week.

-You add a suitable caption to it, by leaving a comment below.
Comments are vetted, so your caption will not appear in the comments (unless you are actually making a comment -in which case please state that).

-Use your real name or a ‘username’, but please just stick with one id.

-You can leave as many captions as you like, but ideally 2 or 3 should be maximum, unless you really can’t contain yourself. If you want to change an earlier caption, just say so in a new comment.

-At noon (or as soon-thereafter as I can manage) Thursday GMT, all of your captions will be listed here (in a new thread). You can then vote for your favourite caption until noon (or asap thereafter) Friday.



(I don’t know who this is, but let’s call him Stuart)

Warmer Caption (just to get the juices flowing)

This adds a whole new dimension to the phrase “falling off a stool”.



2 points for entering a caption
1 point for voting for your favourite caption (check back Thursday)
2 (bonus) points for voting for a caption that wins
5 points for the week’s winner
1 point for supplying a photo that is used in a competition (reply here if you have, or can point me to a good, useable photo).


If there are any problems/queries, Kaptiogod shall be the final arbiter, but if you would like to apply for the job of ombudsman (in the unlikely even that Kaptiongod makes a mistake), let me know.

15 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 1. Start At the Bottom”

  1. “Kevin does it better.”

    “Even in that state, he manages to get a clingon stuck to the jacks roll.”

  2. the huge weight that was on stu’s mind suddenly shifted to the bowl and it was too much to take.

    I wonder which head hurt most

  3. If you are leaving more than one caption, please number them so we know they are not one.

    Your captions will not appear on the Theories and Things site until THURSDAY -so check back Thursday at noon (or any time before Friday at noon)

  4. Stuart was last heard saying ”I’m feeling a little bit flushed…..I may need a little pick me-up!!!”

  5. Bending over to wipe his arse little did Stuart know this picture would be a fine example of a ‘night on the tiles!!’

  6. ”As Stuart sat down to a Mr.Whippy,he found the toilet was rather slippy!””

  7. 1) Stuart suffers the consequences of getting an erection during a shite.

    2) Stuart falls victim to the “super-glue on the toilet-seat” trick

    3) Stuart knocks himself out with his own fart

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