[Cap.Comp.] 18. OutWithaBang

Seeing as this is the final week of the current caption competition league, I thought we might go a little bit… edgier.
Just this once.

Take a quick peek behind you to make sure nobody else is watching, then click on to see the pic.

(Don’t blame me. A certain Mr. Frank O’Shea sent me the image.)





(some space to let you scroll that image away)…





Warmer Caption

“Inspiration is all about the blood rushing to the head,” stated Caption League Leader Rory Corbett, but to date he hasn’t clarified which one he was referring to.

14 thoughts on “[Cap.Comp.] 18. OutWithaBang”

  1. (1)”Hey Kevin!…How are they hanging?”

    (2) Things I would love to do to Roy Walker, annoying presenter of popular 1990’s ITV quizshow “Catchphrase”….no 1….

    (3) “It puts the lotion in the basket….”

  2. Body of missing drug pusher found at turkey farm. According to a migrant worker: “Yeah, we found the dude when we clearing out for a health inspection – reckon he could have been hanging in there at the back for six years. We’d only have found him otherwise if we hit a busy Christmas”.

  3. (4) As usual Kevin was feeling a little teste. At a stretch, he had the look of a man who had made a balls-up.

    (5) Rejected cover art for “ooyay!” by Stanley Rum.

  4. 1) when postman Pat’s route was increased in size he was told he would need a biiger sack, little did his bosses know Pat was not the brightest

    2)what a langer

    3)just like joe fox’s chance of winning the caption competetion. Hanging on, but about to sacked !!!!

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