[Caption Compo] 15. Ouch

Can you put a caption to this photo?

If so, we’d like to hear from you.



When Kaptiongod offered Mrs. Kaptiongod a real good drilling, it wasn’t what she had been expecting.

This week’s photo supplied by Rory Corbett, which earns him 1 bonus point. Contact Kaptiongod now if you have a suitable photo (or a link to a photo) and you too could see yourself LEAPING up the leaderboard!


Get your captions in now. Check back after noon on Thursday to read the other captions and vote for the winner.

15 thoughts on “[Caption Compo] 15. Ouch”

  1. Blackpool Dental Clinic (free for those Norries of course and all the immigrants who outnumber them these days)

  2. The new Black & Decker……two easy payments and we’ll even give you a free set of drill bits…call us now on 1 800 Black & Decker…recommended by all dentists and builders worldwide!!!

  3. [1] LOST. Dharma Initiative experiment no.1: Will a Hilti Drill in the mouth dull the extreme pain of being forced to watch the Daniel O’Donnell show?

    [2] Dentist: “Yeah…Its a new Slant in dentistry … a real Chink of light for the profession….Just Nip in to the chair there like a good man…You know the Drill…”

    [3] Yoo shoo ha floss muthafucka! AIIIIEEEE!!!!

  4. 1) are you sure you dont want the anaesthetic, it may help you relax a bit

    2) new broucher to promote government fast track approch to queues, not only is it fast but you will have a drilling time

  5. When I ask “is it safe?” the answer I am looking for is not …….
    “In the village of Hurbum, Herts near Tillet Town, lives Lucy Lykes who owns the Cockwell Inn. The address is
    Lucy Lykes, The Cockwell Inn, Hurbum,
    Tillet Herts.”

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