A Christmas Message

All day I’ve been afflicted with tummy knots, cramps and the most infuriating bubbling, raspberry outbreak of semi-fluid wind this side of the North Atlantic. It’s the kind of ailment that usually lands in the week between Christmas and New Year when you discover (as if for the first time each year) that rum chocolate balls, turkey, beer, wine, biscuits, cake, fresh brussels sprouts and stir-fried leftovers are possibly not the best thing for the gullet. In one sitting at least.

It’s hard to trust. So far today I’ve had several false alarms on the bathroom-fire-drill front, but better safe than sorry in this matter I find.

Now I’m off to cut my fingernails, scrub my hands and make mincemeat hamburgers for all the family, which could possibly send the lot of us over the edge, but being the positive type of guy I am I’ll risk it.

If I don’t post again in the next week send flowers.

And Merry Christmas!

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