Appliance is a fridge

Following a recent law here in Ireland, selling of alcohol was (slightly) restricted.
For many weeks/ months after, all around a certain supermarket there was a long, boring notice that ended with the words “This is in appliance with recent government regulations.”
I didn’t say anything the first time I was in. I’m not that pedantic, honestly, but a couple of weeks later I was in there again and the signs were still up all over the shop. I stood there in front of one sign, looking confused (I’ve been perfecting that look for a while now), when I saw a manager type guy approaching. He seemed concerned and asked if he could help me.
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My trouble with cork tiles

Following our recent extension work, I was left with a 1.5-foot gap in the cork tiles where the wall was knocked through (ie. some of the floor around the old wall was removed with the wall, which meant the cork tiles now ‘ended’ 1.5ft from the wall, leaving an unsightly concrete gap next to a doorway.)

After the builder & co left I had some lino put down in the adjoining room and asked the person doing that to replace the cork tiles (using the spares I had) while he was at it. He pointed out the tiniest of gaps in the level of the floor (where the builder had removed an old levelling compound, making this ‘floor’ now lower than where the existing cork tiles were laid  …got it?)


Anyway, he recommended this gap first be levelled with a skim of some floor levelling compound, otherwise the replacement tiles would be below the older ones by some millimeters.
“Right-ho” I agreed and left it at that.

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GIANT Space Hopper? I don’t think so!

I found myself passing through Debenhams last week and came across an item that piqued my interest… an 80cm Giant Space Hopper!

“33% BIGGER” I was assured.

So naturally, as one does, I bought it, took it home and eagerly pumped it up. Alas, my enthusiasm was short-lived when I discovered it to be something less than “giant”. A measuring tape confirmed my suspicion… 55cm!