[Captions] Week 7 **VOTE NOW**

Sorry for the delay in getting the captions out today. I just totally forgot!

I suppose it’s only fair we extend the voting-deadline til 2pm (GMT) Friday to give everyone some chance to register their vote.

Thanks to Mr. Con Dorgan for reminding me!

Now, vote for your favourite caption to this photo…


Have a read, bung the number of your favourite caption into a comment below. You earn 1 point for voting, then 2 extra points if you vote for the winner.

Check back after 2pm Friday…

14. What an asshole

21. Although blessed in other ways, Bridie was forever tormented from having the World’s Shortest Tongue.

24. position number 68 in the Kama Sutra- more commonly known as the lonely date – lunch for one

28. “Ah at last! There’s that bit of chicken I had last thursday!”

34. Makes a change from havin to ask ‘does my bum look big in this’

38. ‘Talk bout gettin your Knickers in a twist ‘

40. In case of Nuclear Attack: Kiss your ass goodbye.

52. How to face up to your inner Noel O’Flynn.

55. nope, my ass doesnt look big in this

56. Is that sign language for that one is up her own hole!!!

58. ‘okay,can you pass me the razor again”

62. If I could do this, I would never leave my bedroom.

65. Kirk Stevens ponders on whether to take on the easy pink or the difficult brown.

67. It’s called a snatch!

77. yes I can actually see the sun shining from my ass

82. Breast-Check being such a success, Dr. Martha Springton tries to convince governments to fund her new Health Campaign: Piles-Check.

83. at last she finally accepts her ass does not look big in her new pants

85. “Klingons at 12 o’clock Captain.”

88. The Amazing Fart-Lighting Fire-Eater! Just light him up and away he goes…

89. as Shakespeare would have put it: “Is that a dingleberry I see before me?”

91. shit…head

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